Time: Find it for your Teachers

Time: Find it for Your Teachers

Earlier this week a teacher approached me towards the end of the day as I was on my way to my office.  She wanted to explain what she was doing with a student in her class and how she was differentiating for him.  I listened but not the way I should of and when she was done I left and went to my office to finish whatever it was I thought at the time was more important than finding time to engage with her.

Later that night I realized while I appeared to be listening to her I had really been focused elsewhere and did not take the opportunity to talk with her about what she was doing in her class and showed no real interest in what she was saying.  It goes without saying it was the worst sleep I have experienced in years.

The next day I apologized and explained my frustration in myself and promised it would not happen again.  While the teacher thought nothing of it, it still bothers me and I will try to make time to always listen attentively when a teacher comes to me and wants to share with me what they are doing in their class.

I have since met with her a couple times about the student and the amazing things she is doing in her classroom to accommodate for him.

One thought on “Time: Find it for your Teachers

  1. I think that this post speaks to a couple of things. Time being the obvious one. The less obvious, and potentially more impactful, would be mindfulness. Whether you are Buddhist or not, we can all learn a lot from the simple principles of being mindful in our day to day interactions. A great book on this, for those who don’t care to practice Vipassana Meditation is “Mindful teaching and teaching mindfulness.”

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