Teacher’s Desk: GONE

This is not a new topic and I have read many blog posts about teachers that removed their teacher’s desk from their classroom and they have all been positive.  So why not do the same?  I rarely sat my desk, it got cluttered with papers and I felt it created a barrier between me and the students.  The classroom should be a learning space designed with the student’s interests in mind and having a large portion of the class cut off because my desk was there wasn’t working for me anymore.  I didn’t need it for my computer, I have a wireless mouse and keyboard at the front of my class and just about everything I do on my SMARTBoard can be projected and controlled using my phone or tablet. So I recruited the help of a couple students and out it went.  The results have been amazing.  My room instantly appeared larger and it created more space for students to work and move around.  Even though I rarely sat at my desk before I feel I spend more time interacting with the students.  When I go into other classes they feel small and cramped at times and it is tough to move around, the additional space created by removing my teacher’s desk is reason enough why I will never have a teacher’s desk again.  The student response has been great; they have mentioned that they feel the classroom is theirs as there is no area forbidden for them to work.  They also like the additional space and ability to easily move around and collaborate with others.  Teachers that come in have the same response and love the ability to move around and interact with students. I encourage you to try it if you haven’t already.

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