Support Your Teachers – Reflections of a First Year Principal

Reflections of a First Year Principal – Support Your Teachers

When discussing the various skills and attributes that principals possess, I am not sure what is the most important as there are many to choose from. I would venture to guess that it depends on the personality and leadership style of the individual, and the culture that they wish to create. As I look back over my first couple months it is very evident that teachers want, and need the support of their principals.  

Is this the most important thing they need to do, again I am not sure. I do know that I want my staff to enjoy coming to work, be willing to take risks and to constantly look to improve and grow as educators. They should feel comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. Why are we doing this? Is this going to improve the education of the children? These are questions I, as an administrator, should be able to answer. Sometimes the answer may be simple, sometimes more complex and sometimes it is out of my control because we were directed to do it by our Division Office or it is mandated by the government. If teachers do not feel supported they will never ask those questions or take risks and and be allowed to grow as professionals

Sabrina Bryan has a good quote, that states:

  • You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.

We all have tough days and that is part of any job and those days come in numerous forms. Student being disrespectful, confrontation with parents, and issues with staff, are all things that can and do happen in a teacher’s life. When they leave school at the end of the day I hope that they realize and believe that I will do everything I can to help and support them, that I will back them when parents complain or when there are issues with students.  I want them to know  that they can come to me for suggestions or ideas when they are struggling or if they just need a sounding board.

With two months down, I figured it was time to reflect on the new job and role that I have taken on. I am not sure why I choose this as my first reflection topic but  many educators have had administrators who did not support them and I told myself when I took the job that I would not be that person. I am not sure if the staff feel supported, I want to believe they do as it something I think about on a daily basis and I am trying to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Time will tell.

Please feel free to leave comments and I hope you continue to read my reflections as a first year principal.

Terry Hoganson



One thought on “Support Your Teachers – Reflections of a First Year Principal

  1. I started teaching 27 years ago and if what you are saying is true is there a position at your school for me? School culture and climate is impacted by the principal.

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