Developing and Facilitating Leadership

Developing and Facilitating Leadership

In Wolf Creek Public Schools AP 421 – Assessment Model for School Administrators, “The principal promotes the development of leadership capacity within the school community – students, teachers and other staff, parents, and school council for the overall benefit of the school community and education system.”

“Leaders create leaders by passing on responsibility, creating ownership, accountability and trust.”

What I have done to try and meet the competency:

  • Worked with members of our Diamond Team (Inclusion Coach, Instructional/Learning coach and Technology coach) to  help build and foster positive relationships with staff and students.
  • As I am out of the building at times for various administrative duties I work closely with two staff members who rotate as acting admin to help develop their leadership skills.
  • Worked with students to have them take over leadership roles within the school – Remembrance Day Ceremony is now led entirely by students.
  • Created a student tech team that work with staff and students to help build capacity around technology integration and use.
  • Encouraged and supported teachers to take on new roles within the school – Drama Option and Drama Club did not exist when I started with the school two years ago.
  • Professional Development is an area where I have worked with staff to help them build upon their knowledge in an area and then worked with them to present what they have learned with other staff at staff meeting or professional development days.  Sometimes I have presented with staff and other times worked with them to build their knowledge base, help build their presentation and they have then presented on their own.
  • In my time at Ecole Lacombe Junior High School I have worked closely with our Technology coach and supported her at all levels to help her build her confidence as a leader and coach for our staff. Due to the amazing work she has done, she recently received a job as a division wide technology coach where she will working out of central office and spending time in all the schools within the division to help teachers integrate technology in the classroom.
  • Some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a principal and assistant principal have come when meeting with teachers and staff on a one on one basis because they are looking for help with instructional strategies, classroom management, and mentorship. I feel part of my job is to be an active listener for staff when they need it.  This has allowed me build and foster deeper relationships with the staff.
  • Run the school website and all social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to effectively communicate the school’s technology vision to the school community and school/parent council.
  • Presented to school council numerous times on various topics.
  • Organized professional development for staff and worked with them to share their learning with other members of the staff.

LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory) Survey Results that address this standard:

response scale





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