Embodying Visionary Leadership

Embodying Visionary Leadership

In Wolf Creek Public Schools AP 421 – Assessment Model for School Administrators, “The principal collaboratively involves the school community in creating and sustaining shared school values, vision, mission and goals.”

“People want to believe in something bigger than themselves; purpose propels and moves people, and moving people is the purpose of a leader.”

What I have done to try and meet the competency:

  • Lego Wall
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  • Believe in trying to help others find their passion.
  • Keep up to date and current on educational pedagogy and best practices. One way is by participating in the staff book club, last year the book dealt with RTI and this year our focus is literacy.  A couple books I recently read that stand out are:
  • Routinely celebrate the amazing teaching and learning that is happening around the school via social media. Also introduced the You Deserve a Break Award in my first year.
  • Built a new media lab for Bluffton School that looks and feels drastically different from a traditional computer lab. Complete with a a full wall green screen, the devices and equipment needed for green screen editing, as well as numerous other devices for all the technology needs of the students in one place. The purpose is to encourage staff and students to think and reach outside the box as they look to incorporate 21st century skills into their lessons and assignments.
  • The use of social media, in particular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to communicate with parents, staff, students and the community the successes inside the building and inform them about where we heading.
  • Providing numerous professional development sessions to the staff focusing on 21st century learning and social media
  • I work with staff to help clarify the vision of school and the school division.  I try to sit in on PLC meeting groups throughout the year to see how they are going and help to clear up any misconceptions staff may have or to answer any questions.
  • By using student/parent surveys I am able to understand our strengths and areas of improvement.

LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory) Survey Results that address this standard:

response scale

vision 1






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