Fostering Effective Relationships

Fostering Effective Relationships

In Wolf Creek Public Schools AP 421 – Assessment Model for School Administrators, “The principal builds trust and fosters positive working relationships, on the basis of appropriate values and ethical foundations, within the school community – students, teachers and other staff, parents, school council and others who have an interest in the school.”

“A great player can only do so much on his own.”
Phil Jackson – Sacred Hoops

What I have done to try and meet the competency:

  • It is important to engage with staff and students outside of the office
    • regularly spend time in the staff room interacting with staff
    • walking the hallways to meet and talk to students
    • attending extracurricular events
    • participating online sharing and communicating interesting topics in education.
  • I believe it is important to get to know students on different levels.
    • I have coached many sports over my years as an educator and currently coach basketball and track and field.  This has allowed me to get the know some of the students in a different environment and for them to see me in a role outside of an administrator.
    • I also try and to attend all extra-curricular activities and sports events that are taking place in the schools.
    • I will routinely drop in to watch drama rehearsal, see Reach for the Top practice or any of the other activities that are running.  Filling in at drama rehearsal for an absent cast member
    • I make it a point to watch every athletic team at least once throughout the school year away from our building.  I have received numerous comments from students, parents, and coaches about how much it means that the Assistant Principal is willing to take time away to travel and watch the students play.
    • participated in our 24 Hour Famine festivities with staff and students
  • I am working towards building a stronger relationship with parent council.
    • have presented to them about Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools
    • regular contact with our parent council chair to discuss various school based initiatives

LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory) Survey Results that address this standard:

response scale




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