Leading a Learning Community

Leading a Learning Community

In Wolf Creek Public Schools AP 421 – Assessment Model for School Administrators, “The principal nurtures and sustains a school culture that values and supports learning.”

“High performing teams create a culture of honesty, authenticity and safe conflict.”

What I have done to try and meet the competency:

  • Collaborate with staff on many levels, from building common assessments, presenting alone and with other staff on various topics during professional development days, participating in staff book club and sharing educational readings with staff that I think will be interested.
  • Have helped the division move forward by presenting at numerous division wide professional development sessions on 21st Century Leadership and Instruction as well as various technology topics.
  • Creating professional development opportunities for staff to help promote learning.
  • Create opportunities for staff to continue conversations around learning after professional development time.  Introducing staff to Twitter has been instrumental in this regard.  Staff often communicate back and forth about what they have learnt or read and share articles and ideas with other constantly.
  • I will routinely cover for teachers so that they have time to meet in collaborative groups or time to work with students
  • I model the use of technology in the classroom through the effective integration of various of web 2.0 tools, running a paperless 1:1 classroom and sharing my teaching strategies and reflections with staff in person and online through Twitter and blogging.

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