Managing School Operations and Resources

Managing School Operations and Resources

In Wolf Creek Public Schools AP 421 – Assessment Model for School Administrators, “The principal manages school operations and resources to ensure a safe and caring, and effective learning environment.”

“Organizational decline is inevitable unless leaders prepare for change – even when standing at the pinnacle of success.”

What I have done to meet the competency:

  • Day to day managing of a K-9 school and all budgetary responsibilities that come with it.
  • Create and develop teacher schedules that best utilize teacher strengths.
  • Ensure all school procedures and actions meet the provincial and division expectations
  • Creation of daily schedules for the K-6 and the junior high program at Bluffton School.
  • Worked and continue to work with staff and students around various aspects of digital citizenship to ensure proper use of technology and teach students how to be safe while online.
  • Ensure there are no FOIP issues while encouraging staff to share the learning that is taking place in classrooms.
  • Took the lead in our recent technology refresh with the intention of ensuring resources purchased focused on efficiency and equitable use.
  • Set up an online format for our staff to access school calendars, morning announcements and the booking of labs and rooms.
  • In the process of building a multi-media room designed for student collaboration while working on various tech infused projects.
  • In my role as Social Studies Department Head and Athletic Director I was responsible for all budgetary concerns
  • Built a new high school schedule in consolation with other staff to better fit the needs of our students

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