Providing Instructional Leadership

Providing Instructional Leadership

In Wolf Creek Public Schools AP 421 – Assessment Model for School Administrators, “The principal ensures that all students have ongoing access to quality teaching and learning opportunities to meet the provincial goals of education.”

“Successful leaders look beyond their own field to discover new approaches, learn best practices and push the margins. Then they pass on what they have learned.”

What I have done to meet the competency:

  • Implemented Fresh Grade Portfolios in grade K-6
  • Provided numerous professional development presentation to staff on appropriate integration of technology and differentiation
  • Served as the school tech coach at Lacombe Junior High.
  • Led the introduction of Google Apps for Education in my school
  • Over the past few years I have built a strong PLN (Professional Learning Network) using Social Media which has helped not just my own learning but the entire staff. Twitter has allowed me to connect and share with other educators all over the world. I have been able to share that learning with my staff and have helped many of them start to build their own PLN by working with staff and providing PD sessions on social media. Recently I have taken up blogging to share my learning and encourage others.
  • Have used Audacity so students can listen to exams and long readings without a synthetic voice. Created a screen-cast to show staff how to use the program to help with differentiation for some of our diverse learners.
  • Teachers will routinely seek information from me around the purposeful use of technology into their classrooms and who to integrate technology into their lesson plans.
  • Present to staff on PD Days about digital citizenship and proper use of technology
  • Have shared my learning at numerous conferences and schools.
  • Built and run a class website for my Social Studies classes to help model some aspects of 21st century learning and worked with staff to build and run their own class websites.
  • Co-creator of #ljedtalk which was designed to share educational articles and share our ideas and thoughts about various aspects of education and educational pedagogy.
  • Support inclusive educational practices
  • Leading CRM Meeting using the CRM software

LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory) Survey Results that address this standard:








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