My Online Presence

Digital citizenship/awareness is a must in today’s education. We are learning social media at the same time as kids and students. As teachers and adults we have the emotional maturity to deal with the repercussions that may come with it and we owe it to students and children to talk and teach them about it.

These are some of the places you can find me online.

Twitter – Twitter has really changed me as an educator and a leader. An amazing social media tool that I have used to connect with educators and leaders around the world. I have been able to build a Professional Learning Network of dedicated and passionate educators that I can go to for all my professional development needs.

About Me – Nice and easy place to share your thoughts on education and list the places people can find you online.

Linkedin – I use Linkedin to connect with other professionals.

Instagram – Instagram for me is a place to share day to day photos of my life.

YouTube – Youtube is more than a place to watch videos, it is the largest search engine in the world behind Google.  Like many others when I want to learn how to do something I go to Youtube. I also use YouTube in some of my classes to store/post  videos and have been leaving my sub plans on YouTube on days I am out of the building.

Facebook – Like most people I use Facebook as a communication tool to connect with friends and family around the world.  This is very much a place for me to make personal connections with people in my life. As Facebook is the number one social media site for teens and students it is important that educators understand the world students are growing up in.

WordPress – WordPress is blogging website that I use to share reflections about teaching and leadership. I also this site as digital portfolio. This year I started a series of blog entries titled “Reflections of a First Year Principal.”

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