Bluffton Literacy Awareness


I came across this idea on social media and thought it would be a great way to draw attention to books and increase the look and appeal of the hallways in the school.  It took awhile to find an artist that was able and willing to do it, but in the end we found a local artist who agreed to volunteer her time and will eventually get all the lockers done.   Our plan is to have each outgoing grade nine student select their favorite book from junior high and they will get a locker painted with their name on it.


Take a Book, Leave a Book

Tommi Christiansen came up with this idea as a way to promote literacy in the community.  Bluffton has some families that may not be able to afford books or that may not value reading in the home.  This display is right by our main door so it is easy for families to grab books on their way out.


What should I be Reading

I borrowed this idea from Richard Zandberg and changed it to meet what we wanted parents to be aware of.  Each grade has a couple books that are grade level appropriate and also has examples from Fountas and Pinnel readings so that parents are able to see what their child should be reading.  We also created bookmarks with 20-30 books on them for each grade so parents are able to go and buy books at their child’s level.