Staff Morale

Why We Value You as a Colleague

This is something I started when I took over the Head of Years job and have done each year before Christmas just to help build staff morale and let them know that their colleagues appreciate everything they do.  Below is the write up I attach to the document I get staff to fill out and an example from a previous year as well I have provided is a testimonial from a teacher under the example.

You have been working hard and the effort you have put in so far this year is greatly appreciated.  I am truly lucky to be part of such a creative and dynamic staff and am very appreciative for the opportunity to work with you on a daily basis.  Teaching can at times be a thankless job, as more often than not people take what you do for granted without recognizing all the goods things that happen on a daily basis.  We take the time each month to celebrate student achievement but rarely do we take the time to recognize all the hard work done by the staff.  Your colleagues have taken some time to share with you why you help make their job more enjoyable and why they value your commitment to the school, students and staff.  

I hope you take the time over the break to relax and enjoy some time with your family and  loved ones.  You have definitely earned it. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season

Terry Hoganson

Teacher Testimonial

I really appreciated when Terry had us write kind comments about our colleagues around Christmas time this year.  It was such a thoughtful exercise, and it really boosted our morale and solidified our relationship as a High School team.  Terry’s organization of that activity was admirable, as it showed his caring attitude towards us and the value he places on acknowledging each other as colleagues.

Karen Porterfield

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